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Healers, Holistic Practitioners, Healing Arts Entrepreneurs and Business Owners:

If you have a strong desire to serve, there’s nothing worse than feeling you just can’t find a way to give your gift to the world and thrive financially doing it.

If you’re ready to start turning that around, increase your confidence, learn how to connect with your perfect clients and make a bigger difference, I’m here to help! I created Love Yourself Forward® Coaching to help holistic practitioners like you step into your power and realize your big vision for your work, while creating a sustainable business.

Would you like to get started? This quick self-assessment tool and worksheet will help you begin to discover just who that elusive perfect client is and how to start attracting them to your work. It will also open up your thinking and ignite your creativity about new possibilities for creating your vision for your healing practice.

In addition to the Sweet Spot Self-assessment and Worksheet, you’ll receive

▶︎ A free audio lecture (with a written transcript) on the power of defining your niche

▶︎ Some specially curated content to help you with your healing practice, including the Grounded Guide entitled, “Spirit-Preneurs and Money.”

▶︎ A bonus mp3 of my latest trance rhythm composition, perfect for recharging your batteries and de-stressing after a long day of work!

Say yes! Download the Sweet Spot Self-Assessment and Worksheet!


And this is just the beginning! There are many resources here that I’m eager to share with you. You’re certainly welcome to look around and check out the Inner Game page, discover Helpful Hacks for the productivity side of running a business,  valuable resources you can use in your work with clients, and get your creativity flowing about discovering and honing your niche.

Or you can dive right in with a free 30-minute consultation. We’ll cover all that, plus I’ll ask you about your business and where you want it to be, and together we’ll discover how working together will help you.

My mission is to help you step into your power and realize your vision as a healing arts entrepreneur.

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Thank you! I’m looking forward to serving you!